Awaken 5.0.10

A beautiful alarm clock for Mac

With Awaken you'll be able to get up to the sound of your iTunes library in the morning. View full description


  • Beautiful interface
  • Specify alarms
  • Works with Apple Remote
  • Egg timer
  • Use iTunes playlists or podcasts


  • Doesn't work with music from an external hard drive
  • Alarm won't work if update available


With Awaken you'll be able to get up to the sound of your iTunes library in the morning.

The application, presented in a smooth and well designed interface, is essentially a digital alarm clock with a wide range of features. You can set up alarms different times and associate them with any song, playlist, podcast from iTunes, or just one of the built in sounds. It won't work with anything that's on an external hard drive though. When a song is played, Awaken will show its album art and information in its interface.

Setting up alarms is a cinch, and even if you fail to hear your wake up call, Awaken will launch a backup alarm for you. It also features snooze for those dark and cold mornings when you just can't get out of bed. If you'd like to use it for short tasks, you can work with the egg timer which can be adjusted to a few minutes or seconds.

We were also glad to see that Awaken works seamlessly with the Apple Remote, so even if your Mac is far away from you you can still control the alarm clock. However, you should know that alarms tend not to launch if an update of Awaken is available. Make sure you have the latest version of the program frequently to avoid falling out of bed.

Fitted with a beautiful interface, Awaken is an excellent alarm clock for Mac which works seamlessly with iTunes. It could just make you want to wake up in the morning!


  • * Rewritten from scratch.
  • * All new user interface.
  • * Support for multiple timers.
  • * Alarm sound output device selection.
  • * Alarm music now played by Awaken for reliability.
  • * Volume adjustable per alarm.
  • * Improved Apple Remote support.
  • * All bugs reported in previous version corrected.


Awaken 5.0.10

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